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We stand for


and are passionate cheerleaders for women everywhere.

You are not alone - you’re part of our gang.

You are not lesser - you are the future.


Sonya is a designer, business woman, and an advocate for equality. She has successfully re-positioned from fashion girl, to broadcaster, to social entrepreneur. Her funny and gripping take on life is underpinned by a drive for everyday empowerment and inspiring stories of bursting through the boundaries of fear.


Brendan’s professional journey as an award winning TV presenter and designer coupled with his personal story has led to him becoming an inspirational advocate for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. His unique approach, engaging voice and story has made Brendan a sought after TV presenter and speaker who inspires awareness to impact for positive change.


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Brendan and Sonya  were paired to co-host  prime time TV Fashion Show, Off The Rails, on RTE One (Ireland’s National Broadcaster) in 2008 which ran for seven seasons. Since then, as business partners, creative collaborators and firm friends, they are LENNON COURTNEY. 


Lennon Courtney's engaging and authentic storytelling has led to collaborations with other premium brands aligned with their values of Empowerment Equality and Confidence. Their content is imbued with smarts, take outs and a wicked sense of fun. 


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Lennon Courtney Left Alone podcast

LENNON COURTNEY Left Alone is a podcast of conversations Brendan and Sonya have when they're left alone. It's an honest, warm ,witty and wise take on all of life's big issues, from Age and Money to Food and Grief.

Now in its third season, with a strong five star rating, the LENNON COURTNEY

Left Alone podcast has garnered an international audience with key territories being Ireland, UK, US and Canada.


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Our eponymous womenswear brand was founded in February 2012 and instantly featured in Vogue UK and Elle US. With 30 stockists in Ireland and the UK including Harvey Nichols.  In September 2015, we pivoted for growth and changed our business model, licensing our name to the iconic Irish retailer to create a new brand; 


Since then, we have experienced exponential growth and now ship our clothes all over the world to smart professional women, women who 'present' in many guises.

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Shop Lennon Courtney at Dunnes Stores


Contact us at:

Dublin . Ireland

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